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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My new year resolutions


1. Don’t give up smoking.

2. Keep drinking.

3. Eat more fatty foods.

4. Use more salt on my food.

5. Smack the children. ( Trouble is they’re now in their late twenties and early thirties, so they might smack me back).

6. Use more fossil fuel in my fireplace.

7. Remember to break the speed limits more often.

8. Shouting at the tele when vacuous politicians make grandstanding plays on subjects they know little about.

9. Laughing at those self same politicians when they have to make a u-turn within days.

10. Try to me more conscientious on this blog.

and finally

11. Remember to buy more paracetamol for next new years day.


  1. Wow what a twat you are, talk about chip on your shoulder.

    Come on Filthy Engineer share your misery with us, whats the real shit that has hit the pan for you to post that crap.

  2. Rickie has a thing about bloggers he sees as right wing, because he's impotent and jealous of people with bollocks. Venomous toward supposedly right wing female bloggers too, because he can't have sex with them. Should consider becoming a passive homosexual.

  3. FE you have left out "try to be even more totally politically incorrect"!


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