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Monday, 1 October 2012

Hurrah. It’s……….

Stoptober. (Bugger off, spellchecker, this is nothing to do with you. Get back in the closet).

Today we’ll see a new campaign exhort us smoking plebs (Oooh er, Did I just use a naughty word there?), to stop smoking for the month of  October.

Look you wankers in public health, and assorted fake charities such as ASH. I‘ve put up with National No Smoking day (I buy an extra pack on that day), but I’m seriously pissed off with the thought of the mindless drivel that we are going to be subjected to in the coming month.

Here’s a taster of that mindless drivel (Be sick if you wish).

Why should I stop? After all I’m contributing a fortune to the exchequer via excise duties. I’ve just done a quick calculation (On the back of a fag packet. Natch), that I’ve paid at least £35,000 in NI payments throughout my life, and still paying out of my pension. In that period I’ve had exactly five days off sick. I also  pay for private medical care and dentistry.

What is it with the Nu puritans who think that everyone has to conform to a state run norm? Are you trying to turn the country into some marxist, state run regime, only allowing the health fanatic elite to travel the Zil lanes to a supposed healthist utopia?

Well you can try, but you will fail with this smoker. I couldn’t give a shit about your silly games. I refuse to bow down to the nanny state.

What are you going to do about it?

Here’s my answer.



  1. Schoolchildren should be instructed in the benefits of smoking, the practice of which should be made compulsory whenever there is a cold or flu outbreak. Mass fumigation of the lungs kills germs - and could save lives.

  2. Direct them here, FE

  3. The idea that it is 'easier' to quit by being in a group is of course risible though perhaps not to a communist.
    The lad signing up @00:29 looks a little young to be giving up smoking or offering advice to grown ups.

    I started buying an extra pack a day in late September which will bring the added bonus of free ciggies during Xmas.

    1. Let's see some more 'dislikes' for that soppy Youtube.

  4. I don't smoke but, as I believe that people should be allowed to carry out any law abiding action and, am so angry at this politically motivated campaign by the anti-smoking Nazis that I have taken to walking around, or driving my car, with a cigarette in my mouth (unlit of course). I'm not smoking it, so no one can really complain but it has, so far, wound up a couple of 'I know better than you what's good for you' stormtroopers. And there are quite a few days yet till the end of the month. Silly? Yes. Childish? Undoubtedly. Fun? Most certainly!

  5. Anon. They've already started on denormalisation of other "Undesirables". Drinkers, those that like food, salt, etc.

    Now that there is a workable template nothing is off limit now.


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