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Thursday, 7 April 2011

A truly awesome Rant

A black american saying what he thinks about Islamic Fundamentalists.

However we in MultiCulti UK would never rant like that would we?

No. Because we would have the Thought Police breaking down the door in the small hours and dragging us away to a prison cell. Most likely because one person was offended on behalf of the “religion of Peace” (An oxymoron if nothing else).

My answer to Radical Islam is to state, in no uncertain terms, that if one more atrocity such as 9/11, or the bombings in London were to happen again, then the Islamic world would be taken to account. If our glorious leaders in the western world (and I spell leaders with a small l), had any balls they would quietly intimate that any such atrocity would be reciprocated a hundred fold.  I would suggest that a low yield nuclear weapon on one of the islamic holy sites would be the west’s answer. They might then get the message in those middle eastern countries, that quietly condone terrorism, that the west will not bow down to a religion that is living in the 7th century.

We must get away from this credo of national borders and realise that we are fighting an evil than does not recognise those borders. We war fighting losing a war that knows no conventional boundaries.

Maybe I’m too harsh on the fucking “Religion of Peace”. Please  tell me I’m wrong in the comment section. If you can make a good counter claim I will withdraw the post. If not, then you can get to hell and miss out on your seventy virgins that is promised in your fairy tale of child abuse, sodomy, rape, and a law that treats your women as chattels.

Mmmm. Oh well. Rant over.

I’m expecting my door to be kicked in,in the early hours.

UPDATE: Vid has been removed from Youtube as someone has complained  that it is hate speech.


  1. That chap needs to take over from 'Baroness' Cathy Ashton as EU High Representative For Foreign.

    "You guys wanna get crazy? We can get crazier, muthafuckers"

    Sounds like a reasonable mission statement.

  2. They hav the oil and the profits thereof.
    You dont.
    They procreate and have the babies thereof.
    You dont.
    They have the faith and the believers therof.
    You dont.
    They have leaders who lead.
    You dont.

  3. I think you are too soft on them. The point should have been made years ago that they are nothing without the west and everything they have is due to the west. The same point needs to be made to Africa. I live in South Africa which from a rich go-ahead country is rapidly turning into a hell hole of note. We have about 20 rapes a DAY of children!


  4. Totally agree with him, and duly downloaded, as this is bound to be pulled. Note that it's described as a "mirror", so the uploader is obviously expecting trouble...

  5. Sounds right on the money to me, in fact I've been saying this for years. They play nasty - we play nastier; they kill one of ours, we kill five of theirs and so on - until they get the message into their thick mohaddehan heads that we have the tools to finish the job.

    Another 9/11 - a nuclear wasteland where Saudi Arabia was.

    Thank you, black dude with shades.

  6. I'm still waiting for that knock on the door. Of course it could be the census police. Well, they can bugger off as well.

  7. Dat muthafucking muthafucker, he wanna muthafucking bomb them muthafucking muthafuckers, muthafucking muthafucker!

  8. Difficult to express the great truth hwe said more simply, whilst the apologists fall over themselves to appease those who only see those appeasers as as their slaves to subjugate, those who see reality prepare.....

  9. The video has been pulled for "hate speech".

    In it's place I give you one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite bands:

    Open Season

  10. Microdave - will you be uploading your copy to Eyetube? I'm curious to see it now...

  11. Thought it would disapear sooner or later.


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