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Friday, 8 April 2011

They’re coming for you now.

wine glass

First they came for the smokers………………and I did nothing.

Then they came for the drinkers.

For all you drinking righteous who rejoiced that smokers were ejected out of the pubs and clubs into the cold. Well they’re coming for you now. The health puritans, having won their battle with smoking, are now going to use the same tactics on drinkers.

The slow creep of denormalisation by inducing a steady stream of half truths is slowly becoming a flood.

Drinking more than a pint of beer a day can substantially increase the risk of some cancers, research suggests.

The Europe-wide study of 363,988 people reported in the British Medical Journal found one in 10 of all cancers in men and one in 33 in women were caused by past or current alcohol intake.

Notice how the word “suggests” pops up in that first paragraph above. If they’re so certain, surely they would uses the word “proves”.

And from Cancer Research UK.

In the last 10 years, mouth cancer has become much more common and one reason for this could be because of higher levels of drinking - as this study reflects.

Notice here again they only use the word “Could”.

And if your overweight, they’re coming for you next.

Along with being a non-smoker and keeping a healthy bodyweight, cutting back on alcohol is one of the most important ways of lowering your cancer risk."

And from the Office of National Statistics comes this to prove that their stats about drinking more than in the past are just downright lies.

drinking percentages over limit 1998-2009

Now what shall I have for Lunch? Mmmm. I think a large pie and chips with lashings of salt. Washed down by half a bottle of Merlot. Followed by a fag.

*If any Americans are reading this. A fag is slang for cigarette.


  1. Studies have shown that these cancers have risen in proportion to reality tv progs such as X Factor!

  2. On the ITV lunchtime news the newscaster opened with this statistical mumby jumbo by asking "is this scaremongering?" He then went on to interview I Gilmore and did not ask him any questions at all, just qualified everything in the statment about alcohol. Indeed the newscaster even asked, "why doesn't the government just put higher taxes on booze just like they did with tobacco?"

    The world has gone fucking potty!

  3. Captain Haddock8 April 2011 at 19:01

    "In the last 10 years, mouth cancer has become much more common and one reason for this could be because of higher levels of drinking - as this study reflects" ...

    Wasn't there a report published recently, which attributed the rise in mouth cancer amongst women to the playing of the skin flute ..

    And the corresponding rise in men was linked to drinking from the hairy cup ? ..

    I did wonder at the time, who provided the reserarch data .. and were they paid from public funds for doing so ? ..

    In my day, one only worried, if one was obliged to visit the "Fang-Farrier" in order to get a hair cut .. ;)

  4. Shame on you, Filthy, you missed the “can” in the first sentence. So we have “can” + “suggests”. Isn’t there a mathematics of these weasel words? If not, why not? And then that study of 363,988 people. Isn’t that a curious number? Why so many, so exact? Opinion polls never approach anywhere near to such enormous numbers, yet they (well, some of them) predict election results quite well. Could this be a “shock&awe” number, to discourage argument?
    Oh, By the way Filthy, this fag in your final sentence, is it a Tory or a Lib-Dem fag you’ll be having? I’ve never heard of a Socialist fag which is funny really, since Socialists thrive on group stuff.
    Peter Melia


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