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Thursday, 7 April 2011

It’s fun to be ill

Yes, !!!!! Every home should have a well-stocked medicine cabinet.

How's this for a Medicine Cabinet…….






Wine Daily dose
Allergies Médoc 1 glass
Anaemia Graves 4 glass
Bronchitis Bourgogne or Bordeaux
> ( + sugar and cinnamon )
3 cups
Constipation Anjou blanc electricity . Vouvray 4 glass
Coronary arteries Dry   Champagne  4 glass
Diarrhoea Beaujolais Nouveau 4 glass
Fever Champagne sec 1 bottle
Heart Burgundy , Santenay Rouge Two glass
Uric acid gout Sancerre , Pouilly Fume 4 glass
Hypertension Alsace , Sancerre 4 glass
Menopause Saint Emilion 4 glass
Depression Médoc 4 glass
Obesity Burgundy 4 glass
Obesity Rosé de Provence 1 bottle
Rheumatism Champagne 4 glass
Excessive weight loss Côte de Beaune

4 glass

mouse and wine

Works for me.


  1. That's an awful lot of medicine at £7.40 per Prescription Charge.

  2. That is one of the coolest wine cellars ever!

  3. I WANT one of those in my house!

  4. You can't get a decent bottle of wine for £7.40 these days and you can get a £100 prescription season ticket.

    Cring it on...

  5. Captain Haddock7 April 2011 at 17:52

    Fantastic set-up ..

    Though I did at first think Lloyd Grossman was visiting Mark Oaten's kitchen ..

  6. Captain Haddock7 April 2011 at 17:57

    Dioclese said ...

    "You can't get a decent bottle of wine for £7.40 these days and you can get a £100 prescription season ticket" ...

    Alternatively, you can live in Scotland or Wales, pay fuck-all-squared for your prescriptions and be subsidised by the rest of us ..

  7. I had stress from my multi-faceted job.
    I feel much more tranqulllliii...much more tranquilililili.....
    Much more relaxed now...

  8. I don't think I'd make it back up the stairs...


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