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Thursday, 29 July 2010

It's not just Police that harass Photographers (part two)

I recently posted how another blogger was removed from a South Eastern train for photographing two "Rail Enforcement Officers". See Here.

Oh quelle surprise. Look what appeared in his Blog comments.



At first sight it would seem to be an anonymous Blogger venting bile.

However. The IP address that the comment came from


The CW-GO-AHEAD-GROUP is part of the group that runs the train company.

I wonder who it is?

I did send South Eastern this missive. I wonder if they will reply?


I’m somewhat perturbed about an incident doing the rounds of the Blogosphere where two of your REO’s detained one of your customers unlawfully, for taking photos of them. This could be construed as “false imprisonment”

“The crime of false imprisonment can be committed when the victim is restrained physically, like being locked in a car. It can also be committed simply by words, as where intimidation or commands are used, if the victim submits.”

I presume that the REOs that you train will be reminded of their duty to obey the law the same way that you would expect your fare paying passengers to do so.

And this little missive from the Go-ahead-group doesn’t help your cause.

“You could of course go and get a life.
Instead of looking for trouble, why not spend the time doing something worthwhile, like hanging yourself?”

Allegedly sent from Go-ahead group. I’ll give you the IP address for your interest.

Yours Sincerely in anticipation of a reply



  1. Hang on, REO's can't 'detain' anyone. Only a Police Officer has powers of arrest or detention. If they physically lay hands on you, even in restraint, that constitutes an assault and is well outside their remit. This applies to all (un)Civil Enforcement Officers.

    Even the security services officially have to rely on Special Branch to do their 'collars'.

  2. By 'they' I was referring to the REO's.

  3. BS - I profess not to know all the legal details, but railway property is private property.

    BTW - have you never heard the expression "Citizens Arrest"?

  4. Private property that they themselves stress that members of the public may take pictures whilst on it.

    A citizen's arrest must also be a "Lawfull arrest"


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