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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Keystone cops anyone?

You really couldn't make it up.

It would appear that Thames valley Police are even more incompetant than their Home Office rating of "poor".

Maybe their could be a level of "Abysmal" added?

Officers were alerted to an armed raid at a Lloyds TSB branch in Henley-on-Thames, South Oxon, but instead scrambled to another bank more than 14 miles away in a different county.

Meanwhile, the armed thief walked out of the bank with tens of thousands of pounds.

"It's not us. It was the alarms fault Guv".

Thames Valley Police chiefs said an automatic alarm had sent officers to the branch in Pangbourne, Berks.

Come on. Pull the other leg it's got bells on.

Police are appealing for any information about the robber, who is described as Asian, about 30 years of age and 5ft 8ins tall.

At least they have given up being politically correct by naming the robber's ethnicity.


The whole story is from The Telegraph


  1. Yes, on the face of it, this story does a rather excellent job of leaving a rather large egg splattered over the collective faces of the Thames Valley force.
    How-eva, I have it on trust that the Lloyds numbers have changed their alarm systems recently and presumably the last thing any company checks is the numbers linked to their systems.
    But its far too easy to conveniently overlook 'garbage in=garbage out' and has more political currency than "Police sent to scene of non-crime due to data faux-paus".

  2. No, it's an elf n safety thing. Much safer to go where the robbers aren't, rather than where they are?


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