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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Leave or remain in the EU?

Would you like to fill in another poll to see where we stand?


  1. What facts??????!!!!
    You got facts?????????
    Give them to both campaigns immediately.
    Mail them direct to Cameron & Osborne
    On the other hand, you could just make some up - like Cameron & Osborne...

  2. Dioclese
    It's quite simple - sovereignty or subservience?
    That's too simple for the Cameroons to understand!!

  3. I'm sure he must be related to Tony Blair in some way.

  4. "I'm too lazy to look at the facts". I'm so tired of friends, colleagues and people on Facebook who know I've made up my mind, coming to me for the 'facts'.
    They ask a question, get my opinion on the subject, dismiss it and complain no-one is giving them any answers. Get on the internet FFS!
    These people will vote remain because they think they should vote something, even though they are totally clueless, because they are scared of change.

    They're a bit late too. I've wanted out for years, most joes have just started scrambling about for info and answers in the past month or so.


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