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Friday, 9 October 2015

Sierra club v the truth.

As you can see if you watch the above video, the President of the Sierra Club, has decided that the science of global warming is settled. When told that for the last eighteen years satellites have shown no rise in global temperatures he falls back on the ridiculous idea that the science is settled. Science is never settled. Otherwise the sun would still be orbiting a flat earth.


  1. As you say, science is never settled- it only gives us a better approximation of reality. Karl Popper reckoned that all good science should be falsifiable. I don't ascribe to that view although I do believe that the only truths in this world are achieved by mathematics and logic. Ultimately, maths/logic can only reveal a limited amount of knowledge. For the rest we have to rely on the empirical scientific method. Imperfect though it may be it has stood us in good stead.

  2. It was an embarrassingly abysmal performance by Mair.

    Perhaps he was angling for the sympathy vote?

  3. Mair is an epidemiological spatial analyst. Wrote a paper called Using Spatial Analysis to connect Voting Rights to Environmental Outcomes and works for Bureau of Chronic Disease Evaluation and Research, GIS, NY.

    All goes to show that Spatial Analysts shouldn't try and outsmart lawyers!

  4. The Sierra Club was founded by John Muir. He also inspired the John Muir Trust, who are trying to stop the Scottish landscape being destroyed by wind farms.

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