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Friday, 26 September 2014

Amusing poll results.

A couple of days ago there was an article in the left leaning Newspaper, The daily Mirror. This was an article by Yvette Cooper and titled:

'Stand up to UKIP': Yvette Cooper calls on Labour to fight the right-wing party

I patiently read the drivel she spouted and finally at the bottom of the article there was a poll. The simple question being “Are you considering voting for UKIP? With just a straight Yes or No.

So I clicked on yes to see what would happen. The result is below.


Maybe only three people voted, but I would have expected the opposite from a left leaning paper.


  1. Yvette Cooper is enough to persuade anyone not to vote Labour. She's as bad as her husband...

  2. "She's as bad as her husband..."

    And the whole 'cooper' - 'Balls' duality is just so they can mine the public funds mother-load with plausible deny-ability.

  3. They're just such a perfectly matched couple - after Miliband fails next year, they could become PM & Chancellor, a lovely prospect for the UK's accelerated decline into third world conditions.

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