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Monday, 17 March 2014

The Crimea

I just don’t get it.

86% of the population vote, and 97% of those voters, vote to secede from the Ukraine.

The EU and the USA call it “illegal”.

I think I would name it “Democracy in action”.

Could we have some of that in the western world please?


  1. Yes we're finding out what our leaders think of democracy.

  2. I reckon that Putin should switch the gas off. Then we'll see who suffers sanctions most.

  3. I hear that he's turned off the cash pipeline. $100bn bonds withdrawn from USA, more to follow. Selective freezing of funds belonging to US corporations assisting in the 'realization' of Russian assets. WWI, WWII, now FinWI. Russia appears to be the aggrieved party here.

  4. Couldn't agree more.

    Interesting comparison to Scotland.
    Crimea votes but not rest of Ukraine - BAD
    Scotland votes but not rest of UK - GOOD

  5. Seemingly the perceived view from the West's politicians is that the referendum was illegal because there wasn't the option of things staying as they were. Er ... yes there was ... spoil the vote by ticking both options!

    We've got the added embarrassment of that wet rag Hague spouting absolute crap. Wtf does he know about national referendums anyway? ... the last one we had was 39 f'ing years ago when he was14! As for him saying it could start a new Cold War ... ffs! UK has been frozen out of world politics for years. UK issuing threats is like being savaged by a dead sheep!

    As for democracy, the EU's version of 'democracy' is way below that of Crimea and the EU's idea of referendums is keep doing it until they get the answer they want! The last thing they want is the people deciding things.

    Truth is that the West knows it can do sweet fa. Their attempt to drag the Ukraine into the EU has spectacularly blown up in their faces. Talking of which, that is exactly what these ineffectual sanctions are all about ... to save face. They tag onto it Russia must not invade the rest of the Ukraine ... which of course Russia has no intention of doing in the first place. Now the EU and US will claim that they stopped this invasion.

    What a bloody farce!

  6. Our "managerial ruling class" has no real interest in anything other than whipping up mob support for things that destroy individual freedom (which poses a unique challenge to their authority).

    Their overriding philosophy is support for whatever benefits themselves. Nothing more.


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