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Saturday, 15 March 2014

It’s time I went.

After all, the UK is becoming a restrictive shithouse.

Don’t smoke, drink, eat, enjoy salt, use sugar, drive a car, have to use expensive wind powered energy, and finally, to have to endure the pontificatings of some of the most inept politicians we’ve seen for decades..


  1. Canada is, unfortunately, a "leader in tobacco control". There are moves from the Cancer Society to outlaw smoking in National and Provincial Parks. That would include all these scenes from Banff and Jasper.

    At least we don't get much hassle about the other stuff. Here in BC the electricity is all hydro anyway.


  2. I don't know anyone who can't smoke, drink, drive,eat salt and sugar and has to use wind energy.

    There are no restrictions whatsover on those things and you will find its the same wherever you live, you are spending too much time getting sucked into daft blogs.

    Nothing has been banned.....think about it, nothing.


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