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Sunday, 31 March 2013

They're coming for you next.

For all you anti-smokers and the righteous out there that like Alcohol, are overweight, or like salt on your fish and chips,  you’re next.
The pic above is the template that is being used to scare you shitless that whatever you do is wrong and to make you ashamed of that little vice you have.
The powers that be, governments and many multinational organisations including the Club of Rome and  their agenda 21, have realised how scare tactics can keep you, the little people, under control. There is no study that has proved that ETS has actually killed anyone, but if you tell a lie enough times and appear to have authority, then people will actually believe it.

Now that they have de-normalised smokers, the politburo of public health have seen that their template has worked and now they're slowly trying it on other products that offend their nu-puritan ethos.

Traffic light labelling on food, health warnings on labels and minimum pricing off alcohol, and laughably less holes on salt cellars.

We are fast becoming the most miserable people in the world where everything you consume is deemed bad for you. There's been a complete switch from curing the sick to trying to prevent them being sick at all. They don't seem to see that what they might gain in physical health is matched by a rise in guilt and misery on the mental side of the equation. We do not need such a a worry in these difficult times.

I could also write about the fuel poverty we will come to experience in the next few years to barking mad policies to satisfy the green nut jobs.

However it is Easter Sunday, and I think it best not to swear on this day.


  1. 'However it is Easter Sunday, and I think it best not to swear on this day.'

    Ok, so I'll do it for you.

    Fuck Godber, fuck the Nazis, fuck the warmists, fuck the politicians, fuck the UN, fuck Obamanoid and the rest of the US fuckwits, fuck the Conservatives, fuck the (ill)liberals, fuck labour, fuck Common Purpose, fuck the sheeple, fuck immigration, fuck the BBC, fuck the Guardian, fuck the EU, fuck the stupidity, fuck the communists, fuck the left and fuck every fuck who thinks that every fucking thing will turn out fucking nice again.

    If I've missed anyone out, fuck you.

  2. As an ex-smoker I have a lot of sympathy for your viewpoint. Whilst the government wags its finger at smokers it has no problem in taking their money in taxes. Tobacco is an absolute fucking dream commodity as the government well knows. It is highly addictive and therefore people are unlikely to quit. What would the government do if everyone stopped smoking and the revenue stopped flowing? Personally, I think everyone should do what they like and the government should fuck off. I live in New Zealand and the government here think that they can eradicate smoking in the country by 2025. Apart from the fact that they shouldn’t be interfering into people’s lives they clearly don’t appreciate the fact that people will continue to smoke regardless of their proclamations. We all do things that are not good for our health. I personally drink too much; my choice. I’d rather die at 65 and to have enjoyed my life rather than linger on to 100 because I’ve lived it according to government guidelines.


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