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Friday, 8 February 2013

Seen sense at last then?


Another hospital that has realised that the ban on smoking in the grounds is unenforceable. This time it is mine that has seen sense.

SMOKING and hospitals are unavoidably intertwined.

Yet people lighting up outside Tunbridge Wells Hospital sends a hypocritical message and leaves local NHS bosses in an awkward position.

Who would begrudge a dying man a cigarette that will do him no more harm?

Or can we really expect patients to trudge 10 minutes through the car park until they are on public land before lighting up?

That is part of an article penned in my local paper. I wonder if the reporter is a smoker? Though I don’t think he/she realises that trying to stop people in the open air on their grounds is unenforceable in law anyway. It’s not enclosed and is public land.

It looks like the hospital trust have realised that.  

Read the whole article HERE

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  1. ASH will be up in arms. They love to make sick people suffer even more


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