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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Minimum pricing.


A very good rant over at the The thing is on the iniquities of minimum pricing. Well worth the read.


  1. Good recommend, well worth it indeed.

  2. It will affect me, and a lot of people like me, who prefer the lowest strength beers and ciders. I don't care for the strong stuff, I prefer a long refreshing drink, with plenty of fizz. So the stuff around 4% is what I like best, and the price I pay is probably going to double.
    And when the brewers and distillers are forced to lose their competitive pricing at the cheaper end of the scale, what will they do to regain it? I think we will find that they will start price cutting at the expensive end, to boost their market share. So the poor man's tipple will be used to subsidize the Bollinger brigade.

  3. I went on Danny Alexander MP
    Chief Secretary to the Treasurys website

    Pressed the butoon on left
    “Make a Donation”

    and paid 9 [nine] pence into his account using PayPal.

    I urge everyone to send tuppence to Danny.

  4. interesting that the EU does not agree.


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