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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Give it a rest

As a smoker I keep reading that 60%, 80%, or 2/3ds of smokers want to give up smoking. At least these are the figures touted to the MSM and the government by the Tobacco Control Industry. What I want to know is how they come by these startling statistics? They’ve never asked me or anyone I know.
So here’s a poll which I’d like my smoking visitors to fill in. It’s in my side bar.
Here’s a little reminder of what you might miss.


  1. Ignore one yes vote. I just clicked on it to make sure it works.

  2. The other figure accepted as incontrovertible fact which I regard with deep suspicion is that smoking prevalence in UK is at about 23%. I live in a country which is a popular holiday destination for Brits, and where smoking, although subject to a total ban as in the UK, is totally accepted as normal. The bans in bars and restaurants are just ignored, and you would be hard put to find a bar without ashtrays deployed throughout. So smoking Brits on holiday here can relax and light up pretty much anywhere they want without fear of even a slightly disapproving glance. And light up they do. And at a rough guess from what I observe, about 60% of them are lighting up. Now I may well be several percentage points out, as I've never done a headcount, merely casually observed, but even if I was out by 20% (unlikely, but possible) that still leaves the figure at 40%. As they say in the States, "Go figure...".

    As an addendum, my eldest daughter and her hubby (who were here recently) describe themselves as non-smokers. And they don't smoke...during the day. But in the evening when the kids are in bed, they sat out on the balcony and almost chain smoked - they would go through a pack between them, no problem.

    1. Yes I suspect that there is a lot of "hidden" smoking going on in the UK. Those are the smokers that have been brainwashed by the SHS fallacy.

  3. I'm an ex-smoker, but I like to think a tolerant one. I am vehemently against the smoking ban for two reasons:

    1) It is an imposition on the freedom of the individual.

    2) All my local pubs are dead and not likely to survive much longer.

    Even so I can't understand why anyone wouldn't want to give up because it means paying vast amount of tax voluntarily. Unless you buy from white van man of course in which case carry on.

    1. Sean, you would seem to enjoy a drink, judging by your comment about the pubs. As a drinker, you pay vast amounts of tax voluntarily. Why? Because you enjoy it, and continue to indulge despite the fact that the government are robbing you blind for the pleasure. There's not a lot of difference.

      And as a tolerant ex-smoker, you will doubtless be aware that alcohol is now in the cross-hairs of the self-righteous puritans, who have been cosying up to the tobacco control zealots so they can use the anti=tobacco template in their propaganda campaigns.

      Prepare yourself for the "think of the cheeldren" and "passive drinking" campaigns.

  4. And they've also got their sights on food as well under the guise of anti-obesity.


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