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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Where are my notes?

A couple of weeks ago I rang my surgery to obtain an appointment with my Doctor. Only to be informed that I had moved away and my notes had been requested by another practice. Which I had not

So today I've just E mailed this to my local primary care trust:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Two weeks ago I rang my practice to arrange a medical appointment. However to my amazement I was informed that I was no longer registered with the practice. The practice manager intimated to me that I had moved out of the area, and therefore my medical notes had been asked for by WKPCT, to be forwarded on to the practice that had requested them. This was as long ago as late 2006.

This came as some surprise to me as I have lived in the West Kent area for some 55 years, and been registered with the practice for at least 25 years. I have never moved out of the area in this time.

Please supply me with the following information under a Freedom Of Information request.

1.  Which practice requested my medical notes in the latter part of 2006?

2.  Were any checks carried out to ascertain that this was a legitimate request for this sensitive information?

3.  Where have the documents been held since 2006?

4.  Where are these important documents now?
Yours faithfully

The Filthy Engineer

I wonder what the reply will be?


  1. You might like to consider investing in a copy of "War and Peace" FE ..

    Though I suspect you'll finish it long before you get a reply ..

  2. Perhaps you should also ask which practice has been receiving revenue for having 'you' on their books.

  3. Ancient + Tattered Airman9 November 2011 at 20:52

    It might say:

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    It would appear that there has been an error of procedure in this instance. Unfortunately due to the Data Protection Act (as amended) we are unable to give names, dates or further information regarding possible culpability on this or any related matters at the present time. We are sure you will understand.
    Signed Fran Tick pp
    Albert M Bankment, Manager
    Health Care in your community.

  4. A + TA.

    They won't fob me off with that one. The one thing I do know intimately, is the law regarding the DPA. Some years of attending a forum dedicated to reclaiming credit card penalty charges taught me all the in's and out's.

    Just let them try. It would make my day.

  5. Captain.

    By law they must reply within 20 days.

  6. Good one FE ..

    I think you may well have them gripped by the "lower scruff-band" .. ;)


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