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Monday, 24 October 2011


As you may remember in a past post I intimated that I was feeling a touch unwell. Anyway today I bit the bullet and decided to make an appointment with my doctor.

Just making an appointment in itself was a hurdle or two to jump. Last time I had to, this was achieved by a simple phone call, answered in seconds by a nice sounding lady.

Not now.

“If you are in need of Emergency treatment, Press one”

“If you died recently, press two”

Etc, Etc.

“If you wish to talk to a humanoid, press three to the power eight”

I digress from the original reason for this post.

After finally getting through, and being asked for my Name, Rank, and serial number. I was informed that I’d left the Practise in 2006.

Now no one had told me that.

On questioning this revelation I was then passed to the back office who confirmed the fact. Apparently I must have registered with another Practise who would have requested my Health Authority to send my notes on.

The young lady in the office couldn’t believe me when I stated that I’d done no such thing. She refused to believe me, when in no uncertain term I said it was an error in  the practise. In fact she became somewhat perturbed when I asked for full details of the transfer. (Partly because of my mutterings of breach of the data protection act, and maybe the ICO should be involved).

At least I have an appointment tomorrow. First with the doctor, and more interestingly, with the office.

An interesting fact came to light whilst talking to my son tonight. He left the practise in 2006, as he was at UNI.

Mmm. Could they have closed me out, mistaking my notes for his?

I’ll let you know tomorrow.


  1. Good luck with your appointment tomorrow.

    If the doctor asks you to drop your trousers, and approaches holding something like this then you'll know you've really upset his receptionist.

  2. It actually said if you recently died to press 2? Man that's that's..damn. And people over hear complain about OUR medical system?

  3. Good luck today FE ..

    Don't let 'em sod you about ..

  4. Good luck - you'll soon be feeling better. A pity about the records aggravation though; I bet that did nothing for your poor stomach lining.

    Apparently Carol Beer has been at this for years.

  5. Lloyds bank closed my account without bothering to inform me. Granted I hadn't used it for some time, but would it have been too much to ask that they sent me a letter first?


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