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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Doctor

In a previous post I found that I was no longer registered with my practise.

Surprisingly enough this morning I read a blog post (I can’t remember who) that might shed some light on the issue. Apparently practises are funded by the number of patients on their register. Therefore the local health authorities were sending patients innocuous questionnaires to patients asking for info on their practise. If after two requests, there were no replies, then health authorities were presuming that the patient had moved out of area. Therefore saving them money.

Bearing in mind, that the period involved in my case had me out of the country for most of the year, this scam would have been unnoticed by me.

I have asked my practise for a full enquiry into the matter, but I’m not holding my breath for a result. However if they think that this will go away. they’d better think again.

PS. I’m being treated for a suspected Ulcer.

Note to self: Calm down dear.


  1. And breathe out .. ;)

  2. That would be me! Good to know that someone reads my stuff even if they can't remember my name !!


  3. Our surgery still sends letters to our address for the previous (5 years ago) tenant, I've returned as not here, I've been there and slapped 'em on the counter and asked them to remove him from our address but still another one plopped on the mat yesterday.

  4. Its a problem for PCTs - if you add up the total of GP lists they usually exceed the actual population of the area by 20% or so - up to 40% in area that have a lot of population movement ( London and university towns).

    GP have no incentive to prune their list (as you say part of their payment is per head on their list) and don't. So NHS is indeed wasting money here

    Process for removing someone from the list is quite long-winded and should be tightly controlled, at least 3 attempts to contact the person over 6 months. looks like they weren't scrupulous enough in your case


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