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Friday, 30 September 2011

Alternative computer repair

You don’t even need a screwdriver.

Much loved by those of the green persuasion


  1. I recall a specific incident of finding a computer surrounded by a neat ring of crystals blu-tacked to the desk. Supposedly this was because the computer concerned was 'Evil'. So we swapped out the unit, cleaned off the coffee stains, tested and checked it, only to find the problem was "User Error".

    It was a Social Services office in Rugby, Warwickshire.

  2. I haven't the foggiest idea who "Oswald Pearson" is .. but he needs pulling-through with a large christmas tree, wrapped in rusty razor wire .. for having the most stupid voice I've ever heard ..

  3. I generally phone me mate John who understands about computers and stuff. I know that he is on to something when he gets out the hair shirt and the iron tipped flail.

  4. "Wots a screwdriver" ?

    I thought it was some sort of poncey cocktail .. ;)

  5. M K-J. That would be typical of civil servants. I've worked with some right numpties in the MOD as well. They would believe anything if you kept a straight face.

  6. This was supposed to be a thoughtful post whilst helping those in computer distress as well.

    Then people come along and ridicule this most wonderful of repairs.

    You know who you are.......

  7. Seeing this video has changed my life! I now know, KNOW I tell you! That I need a pendulum to fix my computer problem.
    I need a very, very large pendulim though...
    And I'm going to smash it over the head of the next person who interrupts me while I am trying to get some design and installation work done. :)

  8. calm down dear. Breath deeply. In, Out, in, out.................

  9. I repair mine by dowsing it with gin, a trick taught to me by my musician daughter


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