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Friday, 1 July 2011

Onshore wind. Where is it?

bent wind turbine

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has released figures which show a six per cent drop in the amount of electricity produced by Britain's onshore wind farms.

The department blames a drop in wind, revealing that 2010 was the calmest year this century, with onshore wind producing only 1.9 per cent of all electricity in 2010, compared with two per cent the year before.

Will they become in time to be known as “Huhne’s Follies”. When in 15 years or so, they are standing idle,  like dead Martian machines as depicted in The war of the Worlds, and our children will weep over the desecration of our once beautiful land.

Still, there will be enough of them to hang every green ecoloon from one each. They’ll have some use after all.

Am I being too harsh?


  1. The drop in wind.

    Doesn't that PROVE the Turbines are working exactly as designed?

    They're just glorified air brakes.

  2. If you want some technical reading download
    this document:

    And look at the :
    pretty picture

    In a nutshell, any damn fule no that a rotating impeller creates wake vortices. It follows that another similar device situated downwind will be less efficient as it will be operating in this "dirty" air flow. Put lots of them in a row, and the ones at the back will be generating the square root of fuck all...


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