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Monday, 27 June 2011

Hike in energy prices

danger of death

FE has just received a letter from his energy provider appraising him of price rises in August. I wonder how many people actually look at the figures given and calculate the actual rises overall.

To begin with the increase in electric supply seems to be a very good deal indeed. A 1% rise for both peak and off peak periods. Not bad I hear you say.

But we come to the gas tariff. A whopping increase of 20%.

And that’s not all. The daily service charge for gas has gone up by 26% and the electric by a humungous 79%.

I wonder how much of that is made up in green taxes?

I’ll give it a month to allow the cartel of energy providers to set their final prices and then goodbye Scottish Power.

Anyone else had rises in line with this?

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  1. Considering that Gas is currently (sic) generating 48% of our electricity, it's doubly surprising that basic price has only risen a tiny amount.

    Go to the "Generation By Fuel Type (table)" section. The green taxes are busy subsidising the pathetic 0.5% proportion that wind turbines are managing at the moment.


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