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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Signs of the future

If the country travels much further down this road of oppression, the sign below will likely become the norm.


The trouble with modern Britain is that so many laws have been passed in the last decade, no-one knows what is permissible and what is not. Where is the repeal bill promised to us after the election? That little stunt seems to have faded away into obscurity.

It’s the slow change from “innocent till proved guilty”, to “guilty until you damn well prove yourself innocent” which has overturned the fairness in our relation with the state apparatus. Parking fines, speeding in front of a camera, etc.

Oh and of course don’t swear at this article.

I’d like the Britain I used to know, back again.


  1. I'm sure the repeal bill has disappeared up its own fundament much like the protection of (some) freedoms bill.

  2. I stuck that sign up in my office the moment I saw it. No-one has disagreed with it yet.

    Speaking to a Catholic priest, he pointed out that as a public building, his Church must display the no-smoking sign. However, as it is an historic listed building, he may not put the sign up. Perfect...

  3. In that case, if a local pub is a listed building..................?

  4. Captain Haddock31 May 2011 at 20:42

    So Farting & laying Dockyard Pizzas are still OK then FE ? .. ;)

  5. Some Official Notices are honest......


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