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Friday, 1 April 2011

Am I Irish?

I see that the Irish need another €24 billion from the EU. Of course I’m expecting our idiot Chancellor to jump in with another bail out with what he thinks is his money. Sorry George, it’s not your money, it’s my fucking money you’re going to throw away.

I begrudge paying the high rate of tax already. If you count Income Tax, NI contributions, VAT, insurance tax, and all the other myriad stealth taxes, I think you’ll find that the average man in the street is being ripped off to the tune of nearly 40% of their pay.

What I want to see is real cuts in this country. Not just a slowdown in expenditure. I want to see the 300,000 civil servants culled as promised, and funding of the so called charities such as ASH immediately stopped. I want a flame thrower directed at the quangos and the other teat sucking drains on the public’s money.

I want you, Osbourne, and those idiots Cameron and Clegg, to give us that Referendum on withdrawal from the EU that you promised, but have since reneged on. Why are we throwing money at this edifice that is enslaving us with it’s laws that our leaders cannot object too, let alone defeat?

And I should of course finish with that prat Huhne, who wants to switch the lights off by 2015 by adhering to his slavish devotion to useless bird mincers and PV arrays. You know, the things that don’t generate power when the wind doesn’t blow, and when it gets dark.

I’ve come to the conclusion that this government, is as left wing as the last one.

My final comment is: Get out of my life and give me my money back. You C***s.

* I actually like the Irish*

Am I being to harsh? No I’m fucking not.


  1. Hear hear FE.

    Your post echoes recent correspondence I have sent to Cameron, Osbourne and Hague. As expected though not even an acknowledgement.

    Perhaps they are waiting until the next time they are in my area and will pop in for a cup of tea and a chat? After all they value feedback from the common people soooooooo much.

  2. With a post-title like that, I wondered if you'd try to buy some bangers from Halfords!

  3. The Coalition don't seem very good at going after the "Surely won't be missed" list.

    For instance, the EHRC (John Wadham's showboat) could easy-peasy save £70m a year and 70 pensions just by abolishing it tomorrow, or perhaps saving a staff of five. Repeal most of the Equalities act and this will match what you want them to do to a budget of no more than £1m p.a. to include any pensions.

    That is just one of thousands of options which would not upset the public in the least; they might even applaud it.

  4. See you on the "Rally for deeper cuts" in London on May 14th


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