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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

If you’re one of the professionally offended, look away now.

And before you harp about the watershed. There is no watershed on this blog.


The teacher say's; Ok class,  I'd like you to tell me what you really need at home.

Suzie say's; We really need a new computer.

The teacher say's; Yes, that would be useful.

Wendy say's; We really need a new car.

The teacher say's; Yes, that would be useful too.

Little Johnny say's; We don't need anything !

The teacher say's; Oh, come on. Everybody needs something.

Little Johnny say's; No. My Sister came home with a Muslim yesterday,and my Dad said;

Well, that's all we fucking need !!!!


  1. Good joke.

    BTW, are you a Greengrocer?

  2. I recently got invited to a party and was told to "dress to kill"..

    Apparently a turban, beard and an explosive vest wasn't quite what they had in mind ..

  3. What's the difference between an Islamic fundamentalist and a married pooftah?

    One's got a beard and the other is a muslim.

  4. Try doing these on "Live at the Apollo". Perhaps not, most of the "comedians" on the BBC are still doing Thatcher jokes.

  5. Sound like a good one for Frankie Boyle.


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