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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Those damned leaves again.


A commuter train from Charing Cross slid for a record two-and-a-half miles because of leaves on the line.

And that’s my line. You can see why I avoid trains like the plague.


  1. Could this be the Holy Grail of fuel efficiency?
    Fit an adapted coal tender to the front of the train and set it up to sprinkle leaves on the lines in front of the engine. This could rocket up the fuel economy figures and stop all that renewable energy stuff in it's tracks. (good joke that, HoHo!)
    Of course you'd need some sort of thingy to switch off the leaf sprinkler when arriving at stations, especially yours.
    I claim patent rights on this.
    Peter Melia

  2. was it a real chuffer train like in your picture or one of they modern things?


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