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Thursday, 18 November 2010


Remember the case of the custody Sargent who was convicted of actual bodily harm after throwing a 59 year old woman to the floor of a cell?

The officer was found guilty of causing her actual bodily harm and jailed for six months in September.

Sgt Andrews spent six days in prison, but was released on bail pending the appeal at Oxford Crown Court.

Sgt Mark Andrews. Pic: Wiltshire Police

Mark Andrews spent six days in jail after being convicted

A Wiltshire policeman convicted of assaulting a woman in custody has been cleared on appeal.

The appeal judge, Mr Justice Bean, said after the four-day hearing he was satisfied that Sgt Andrews did not intend to throw Ms Somerville into the cell and that injuries she suffered were probably caused by the door frame.

Justice. Pah. I’m moving to Eastern Europe.


  1. Leave Sgt Andrews alone, 'justice' is done. The woman obviously fell down the stairs. ;)

  2. I can't even put my anger into words about this one.
    I'll try again later

  3. On a personal note, if that woman had been one of my family ... justice WOULD be done!

  4. I’m moving to Eastern Europe.

    You're already in it, mate!

  5. She is lucky she is still alive. He could have shot her dead and still got away with a caution.

  6. Back on the streets then...

    Unbelievable... well... now tell me judges aren't bent...

    He's going to think he's fireproof now - so let's see what the scumbucket gets up to next.

    BTW - I expect a few resignations from the force on this one.

  7. I'm going to send the Judge one of my spare pairs of glasses.

  8. Politbureau in action.
    CPS - KGB

    "Injuries caused by the door frame"??

    Clearly not so.

  9. Glasses?

    No jury?, first appeal? possibility to increase the sentence should've meant trial by jury at Crown Court - the stench coming from this is going to take a long time to get out of folks noses down 'yure in Wiltshire.

    Glasses...? hmm, maybe present the chap with some new ceremonial suspenders and a fresh apron I reckon.

  10. The judge was a certain Mr Bean...

    And the locals are ticked off, really ticked off.


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