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Thursday, 21 October 2010

They be shiny round things.


Uses for Unwanted CDs

Something obviously has to be done about this problem. Certain inventive minds have come up with a number of uses for these CDs, thus avoiding space wastage and also preventing future generations making the mistake of coming across these CDs and inserting them into their computers.

  • The current most popular use is to use them as frisbees. They don't fly very well, they break easily, but there's plenty more where they came from.

  • They can be stuck (label first) onto the wall in a pattern as a nice modern art decoration.

  • They make great novelty beer mats.

  • You can use particularly shiny ones as shaving mirrors.

  • Superglue them all together, and use as a large-volume, small-capacity Smarties (See Note 1) tube, as extra-secure cable insulation, as small coffee tables, or as rollers for transporting large furniture.

  • Become a physics lecturer and use them to demonstrate refraction of light.

  • Glue one to the back of your hamster's wheel so it can use its reflection as a pace setter while exercising.

  • Propose to your beloved and present it as a novelty engagement ring.

Note 1. These are small disc-shaped chocolate sweets sold in tubes and available in the UK.


  1. Use them as a bird scarer.

    I have for years over my allotments and they appear to work.

    Two canes inserted in the ground, length of twine inbetween tie a few on every meter or so and no pesky birdies.

    If you wanted a bigger application I guess you could have a concave array of them to focus light/heat onto a heatsink which in turn would run a Stirling Engine.

  2. You could use millions of the buggers to spell out 'Oh, What Now!' so it could be seen from Google Earth?

  3. Jayce Kay has the right idea.

    String them on a line and leave them fluttering in the wind, they keep the seagulls from shitting all over your boat.


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