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Friday, 15 October 2010

Facebook stores your phone number


Just letting you know your phone number will appear on FB unless you delete it.


Here’s what to do.

Go to the top right of your screen,
click Account then Edit Friends.

Go to the left side of your screen and
click Phonebook.

Everyone's phone numbers are now being published.

Don’t forget to disable this feature on your phone


  1. Or delete your account and start again using completely anonymous information that cant be traced back to you

  2. Better yet ..

    Don't join in the first place ..

    Like "Twatter", "Farcebook" is a load of old bollocks for angst-ridden kids ..

  3. I only use it to spy on the kids. (Before you brand me a paedophile) My kids.

  4. Also known as Faecesbook...


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