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Friday, 15 October 2010

Ash. (The cousins chapter)


They really can’t stop with their hectoring. Not content with their assault on the smoker with the crap pedalled about 2nd hand smoke damaging innocent bystanders. Now Ash America is trying to re-instate the myth of “third hand smoke”.

Parents who do not smoke in the presence of their children, including even those who smoke only outdoors, nevertheless put their children at serious risk of "massive damage" to both skin and nerve cells, according to a new study, notes ASH.

Now I’ve got three grown up kids and I haven’t seen people in the streets running and screaming away from them due to the hideous disfigurement I have inflicted on the Cheeeeldren.

What is it with these new puritans?

Using radioactive (Note 1) nicotine as a marker, German scientists showed that the neurotoxin nicotine is not only released from a parent's clothing by perspiration so that it can be detected in all the layers of a babies' skin, but that it is also transported through the child's skin into deeper tissue layers.
They also demonstrated that the toxins from the smoke that were dissolved in the perspiration caused massive damage to children's skin cells -- this included changes in shape and even death to some cells. Also, nerve cells -- which are particularly active and developing in young children -- demonstrated major changes, and were no longer able to connect properly with one another.

I’m certainly not going to emigrate to the good old U S of A. They’re more draconian than the UK.

Already, judges is most of the states have issued orders prohibiting smoking around children involved in custody disputes, about a dozen states have banned smoking in cars or homes when foster children are present, and a small but growing number of states ban smoking in cars -- all to protect the health of children put at risk by secondhand tobacco smoke.
Now all of these protections may have to be expended to include the risks caused by thirdhand tobacco smoke as well as secondhand tobacco smoke, suggests Banzhaf, whose legal actions have been in the forefront of the movement to protect children from the risks of their parents' smoking.

I wonder when the coagulation will get around to it over here.

H/T to Grandad. Or not, as my blood pressure has just shot up. Oh well. A large whisky and a cigarette should fix that.

Note 1. Are they sure they didn’t irradiate the kids with a lethal dose of pollonium?


  1. WTF? is about all I've got left for stories like this.
    And people still beleive this crap.
    What gets me is they try to make out that second hand and third hand smoke is deadlier than first hand smoke.
    How can a non smoker who interacts with a smoker be at so muck risk when the smoker isn't. And how can people fall for this bullshit?

    Hopefully, the "science" will get so stupid that people dismiss this crap altogether and we can turn back to normality.

    I'm not hopefull though. There are plenty of examples in history that would show this won't happen.

    Maybe the best course of action is to follow Leg Irons example and just scare the crap out of anti-smokers

  2. They seem to be saying the researchers contaminated babies with radioactive nicotine. Sounds a bit desperate to me - even by ASH standards.

  3. Quite happy for anyone to smoke anywhere as long as they dont pollute me, my wife the kids or anyone else who quite simply does not like the smell of smoke on or around them. I was an engineer in the merchant navy for 13 years and due to the low cost of fags everyone but me seemed to smoke. The best thing about coming ashore was the lack of smoke in most places. Brilliant in pubs now even though the the smoking ban helped me loose my job as a senior engineer in a brewery due to loss of trade and restructuring. Smoke as much as you want but don't coat me in the tobacco smell and I promise I wont piss recycled Copper Dragon Pippin on you.

  4. Daedalus - interesting comment. I have just had a look at your blog and the only post is about the injustice of the working time regulations. What you were saying is the same as what we are saying about the smoking ban. People who make a personal choice to do something are blocked by state intervention.
    If a business owner wants to allow consenting staff to do overtime, they should be allowed to do so. Those who dont want to do it, dont have to.
    If a pub owner wants to allow smokers in, they should be allowed to. Those who dislike the smell of cigarette smoke dont have to go in.

    I also nearly lost my job due to the smoking ban. I got out in time.

    It isn't right.

  5. It seems to me that the british people are having their tolerance factor slowly eroded away. We used to accept difference. Now we are continously being coerced into a sheep like state where if you don't toe the party line, you are a social pariah.

  6. Nicotine is not, and never has been, a neurotoxin.

    It is, remains, and always will be, a precursor to a B vitamin. That's all it is.

    Nicotine causes no illnesses of any kind whatsoever. Never has. Never will.


    We must immediately launch a class action lawsuit against the companies demanding we stick nicotine patches to our skin and chew nicotine gum, citing that ASH study which proves those companies are deliberately trying to poison their customers.

    If a trace amount of nicotine is deadly, imagine how lethal a sticky patch full of it must be.

    I say we turn it back on them.

  7. Further to LI's comments about nicotine... Let's hope that none of these ASH zealots eat potatoes - there more nicotine in one of them than they'll ever "sweat onto their babies" in the form of "third-hand smoke".

    ISTR that tomatoes also have a "high" nicotine content. :-)

  8. Hey Daedalus.I'm a veggie. How about I reasonably ask you and the other carnivores not to breathe decayed flesh over me? Would I be reasonable in asking for all eating places to ban the consumption of meat on the premises?
    No? I thought not. Why not? Because, if I was that bothered, I go go only in veggie cafes. (Assuming there where enough weirdos like me to maintain a trade locally).
    Get the point? Do you support banning everywhere just in case you want to go there one day?
    Another thing, if they banned alcohol it wouldn't affect me much. But I would fight it. For you. You selfish bastard.

  9. Always nice to see one of the righteous like Daedalus popping in and spouting out the usual "I don't like smelling of smoke".

    There's a lot of things I don't like but I certainly don't support banning them.

  10. Despite never having smoked in my life, I find the smell of cigarettes reminds me of old friends and good times.



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