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Friday, 1 October 2010


And that’s all I’m going to say. Except  that to openly support execution in the cause of your green religion is unbelievably, the product of a very sick mind.

UPDATE: They’ve closed the comments on Youtube.


  1. My reaction was to click on utter shite but that's not for the post but for that fucking advert. Notice they mentioned that it was 'your choice?' Yeah, do it or your up against a wall to be shot choice. Bunch of fuckers!

  2. I hope they keep producing crap like this because the mainstream public will really start to understand the agenda then.

    From a criminal mastermind point of view, the "global warming, AGW, climate change, climate disruption" or whatever phrase they decide to pull out of their arse this month hoax is absolute gold.

    Lets say I can pull strings of power and want to make vast amounts more money. First, create all this pseudo-scientific crap. Second, push it constantly for 10 years or so. Third, create carbon trading company. Fourth, push for carbon trading legislation, Fifth, sit back and rake in the trillions.

    Once the ball has started rolling there is that big chunk of real hardcore gaia-believing, tree-hugging, human-hating nutjobs that will pick it up and run with it. These are the ones who believe in the shit seen in this video.

    They have this really distorted idea that humans, as a species, are inherently bad and will always destroy "mother earth" unless there are only small amounts of us living in stone age conditions. They would happily see a mass cull of the human population in order to return to this (assuming they will be one of the chosen survivors of course).

    How long before they are pushing for climate denial to be a prosecutable offence?

    This shit needs stopping now. Anyone got any ideas?

  3. Well here is their email if you want to give the fuckers and 'ear-bashing' like I have done already.

  4. FH
    I've sent a suitable E mail to that address

  5. The video is not available. I tried accessing through EUreferendum and here, but get the same message: "This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request".

    I believe it shows non-believers in AGW being blown up. Sick bastards, the lot of them.

  6. Yep.It's been pulled from public viewing.

  7. Thanks for the email link FH, mines in.

    The 'Making of' clip was still available - lots of kids thinking it's great to be blown up. Wanting more goo all over themselves.

    Perhaps they should be taken to an Israeli or Palestinan school and introduced to those who have lost friends and family in 'fun'.

    I will be emailing my daughters school also and enlightening them on any such practices.

  8. Well if you missed their 'fun', seems like someone has grabbed a copy, and made it available:

  9. They have stepped over the line this time, something has to be done. Anyone have an idea how we find out if the BBC had a part in this using licence payers money?

  10. i really don't see what's wrong with this video. Don't you all have anything more important to do, in life?


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