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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Postcard of an AGW future

I despair. I really do.

There’s a competition in the Metro in which you can send in your photo shopped postcard depicting London in the grip of climate change.

Paddy fields in London, Don’t make me laugh.


This is what I’ll send in


Just a sample pic, as I’ll need lots more mobile cranes to hang Greens, Politicians, AGWs’, carbon credit consortia, and all others who are peddling this travesty of science.

Remind me tomorrow to buy shares in caterpillar and other crane manufacturers.

I do have futures in piano wire.


  1. I think I have a photo of London somewhere. I'll send it in with no Pshopping and see if they get the point that climate change is far older than London so any London photo qualifies as is.

  2. And that first pic at Metro... I thought it was supposed to be the future but someone seems to have submitted a Victorian frost fair going on round Tower Bridge.

  3. Yep, piano wire is the way forward.

  4. If the eco-loons have their way, your second image will probably be the more accurate.

  5. Frost Fairs on the Thames are a bit older than Victoria, mostly 17th C. and older than Tower Bridge though there seems to have been one in 1814. Victoria wasn't born until 1819, and Tower Bridge built in 1894 - but yes, a good shot of such fairs nearby old London Bridge would be closer to any future scenario.

    NB. 'Old' London Bridge, the one with all the buildings on (first ever jousting tournament was held on it) stood for over 600yrs. Bet that saw some changes.

  6. Derek, yeah I know, but the bridge is late Victorian, which was all I was getting at. I know the Thames has never actually frozen since the bridge has been there. From memory I thought Frost Fairs were going on in the mid 1850s but I didn't Google it and now I have I can't find anything later than 1814 either, so I stand corrected. Possibly I'm confusing it freezing later but without enough thickness to support anyone on it, so no Frost Fair. Or maybe I'm thinking further upstream where tides and salinity aren't a factor. Or a different river... or the freezer in Bejams...


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