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Monday, 6 September 2010

Truly shocking video

I cannot believe the hate that this child has been indoctrinated with.

How can any  organisation even think to do this?

But then again Greenpeace will use any means to further their aims.


H/T to Counting Cats


  1. Un Fucking Beleiveable! Adults brainwashing children to further their own misguided agendas.

  2. I haven't the words to promote my disgust over the video.

  3. Severe child abuse is the term that springs to mind.

  4. Thing is, nearly everything tha he says is either unprovable, disproved or irrelevent. Anyone who promotes this kind of message in this way is getting truly desperate!

  5. That sounded to me like direct threats. Can they be considered a terrorist organisation yet?

  6. The kid is merely reading from a prepared script (although doing it rather convincingly) ..

    The people who commissioned and paid him to do this should be prosecuted for child abuse ..

    Greenpeace already have "previous" for terrorist-type activities .. so really, it comes as no great surprise ..

    If they really want me to choose whether to be a friend or an enema .. I've already decided .. and they can blow it out of their arses .. ;)


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