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Monday, 6 September 2010

It keeps on coming.


More stupidity from our glorious transport system.

A couple travelling home from London by South West trains were fined for travelling outside the term and conditions of their ticket, by getting off at the wrong stop.

Oh good. Fare dodgers caught you say.

But Oh No.

Emma Clark and Davyd Winter-Bates, from Hampshire, were on a train to Southampton after a theatre trip to London to celebrate Mr Winter-Bates's 25th birthday. But the engaged pair, who were travelling on discounted £6 tickets, disembarked early, at Eastleigh in Hampshire, to meet friends.

Yes they got of EARLY.

When they showed their tickets, officials told them they had breached the rules and should have stayed on until their stated destination. They were each fined £57, twice the standard fare.

I despair. I shall go and lie down in a darkened room for a while. (After I’ve beaten my head against the wall).



  1. If these jobsworths are dumbed down any further by the 'machine' they won't even be able to put their hi-viz jackets on by themselves.
    FFS give these people their money back when you write to apologise SWT's

  2. SWT are not going to apologise, they have in fact justified the decision. Twats.

  3. They never apologise. "Rules is Rules".



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