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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Mr Plod gets the boot.



Well not really. Kent Police are having to make savage cuts to their staff to match the expected £53m that will be necessary to balance the books over the next four years.

It could mean up to 1,000 civilian jobs and 500 police posts being cut.

But here is the worrying figures that come to light.

Kent currently has 3,728 police officers and 2,932 civilian staff.

FFS. That’s 44% civilian staff. What an earth do they all do?

And as to the 3,728 frontline staff. What exactly do you do? Apart from zooming around with blue lights flashing on the top of your Skodas. Would it be possible that you could actually Walk the streets?

Just saying.

And of course the usual bleating from the union.


  1. Of course not all of those police staff are front line officers. This could possibly result in no loss of plod on the beat at all.

  2. Thats 1 civvy for every 1.3 coppers. WTF do they need that many for?
    I wonder how many of them civvys have the word "diversity" or "inclusion" in their job titles?
    They should get rid of 2930 of them and keep two to do the filing and get the coffee and doughnuts.

  3. Those boxes don't tick themselves you know.


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