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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Guido Fawkes, shames the blogosphere.

Paul Staines, aka Guido Fawkes, in my opinion has set back the credibility of serious bloggers, by publishing his scurrilious post on the hotel living arrangement of William Hague and his Spad .

Having read his post. I find it highly objectionable in that that he promotes unfounded rumours about the foreign secretary without any proof of sexual impropriety.

Having read his blog, I am more inclined to imagine, that he is more interested in keeping his blog hit, stats up, than keeping any sense of integrity.

On my blog, I might be an intemperate old fart, but I would never, ever, impugn someone’s reputation over a mere trifle,  without  positive proof. To imply an assertion without proof is downright wrong.

Maybe he’ll post with some revelation in the next few days to support his assertions. If not, I would hope that he has the decency to apologise.

I’m not holding my breath.


  1. I think it's Guido's way of drawing attention to the fact that the Cobbleition gang are as much into nepotism and under-qualified buddies in jobs on the public tit as the Labour mob were. No different if it was a big titted young blonde that Hague had shared a room with and promoted from driver to a SpAd job they weren't qualified for. If Myers wasn't on the public payroll I doubt Guido would have made as much of it beyond the Westminster gossip thing that he's always done.

  2. I have to agree with you FE and also understand Angry Exile's explanation.

    Don't forget, Guido makes a living from insinuations. Some right and some wrong. He won't lose any sleep.

  3. I think AE has hit the nail very firmly on the head. Whilst I don't give a stuff about Hague's sex life it seems to be a sure fire method of getting the MSM to take notice.

    After the way politicians have treated their electorate over the past decades where they're caught in possibly nepotistic practices with taxpayers money they should be hounded by any means.

    Do you actually give any politician the benefit of the doubt anymore?

  4. Call me a bit of a dim-bulb, but do we not have some of the most heavy libel laws in the entire world?

    Last I looked, Haigh was not short of a bob or two, and if these allegations of his "sexuality" had no basis in fact, why aren't the writs flying from Messers Carter-Ruck to make paupers of grandchildren etc unless an apology and revocation is received forthwith?

  5. I believe that it's because Hague can command great sympathy... rare for a politician... which is precisely the reason why he has been thrown to the wolves.


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