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Thursday, 9 September 2010

I didn’t expect anything else

I’ve just received a reply from Medway plod concerning the letter I wrote concerning the Hitler Youth students from the Hundreds of Hoo school in Medway, about their “Ciggy busters” stunt.

It’s what I was expecting. Absolutely nothing. If the students had been ripping burkhas of muslims, I expect dear Margherita would be in the dock in the Old Bailey by now.

As received, below.


Dear Mr. Filthy Engineer

The Medway Hate crime unit have spoken to Margherita Gramegan at length about the issues that you have outlined. It has been explained that the project has offended several people.

She has taken on board what has been said, and will be more mindful in the future.

Should you have any further queries then please don't hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely

Sallie Baisley

DS 10142 Baisley


They really should proof read their mail before sending.

From the original reply. "A Betty* Medway, should read, “A better Medway”. (I wonder who Betty is?).

Sallie can’t even spell the miscreant’s name right. It’s Gramegna, not Gramegan.



  1. Let's hope someone punches her lights out if she pulls the stunt again.

    If someone did it to me, I would be furious.

  2. As you say TFE not a surprise, but at least they've spoken to Margherita so that may shock her enough to be more careful next time.

    I haven't finished with Medway council yet. Haven't had a chance to complete my response.

  3. I'm keepping my ears to the ground as well.

  4. FE - It is a load of wishy washy pap, but it isn't nothing.
    Like the Frog said, at least they have spoken to her.
    Muppets like that are frightened of the police and dont want them involved in their lives.

    I just want to see this follow up newspaper article now. I emailed the reporter yesterday to ask him when it will be published but Ive not heard anything back yet.


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