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Thursday, 19 August 2010

The attack on smokers begins in earnest.

So now a school is teaching children that is right to attack smokers by stealing their cigarettes.

I’m afraid to say that it happened in my own county of Kent.

The sixth formers from The Hundred of Hoo Comprehensive School are taking direct action against smokers on high streets around the area, to produce material for a short anti-smoking film.

The instigator of this disgusting idea was Film director Margherita Gramegna - the artist in residence at the school.

Her reasoning,

“The final idea was to go out and literally ambush smokers and take their cigarettes off them. The adverts don’t work, so we are going to make you stop smoking.”

Well let me tell you this. If they’d  tried it on me I would probably be in jail now for assault.

See the whole disgusting episode below. Or not, as they have now removed the video.


Hitler would be so proud.
If you wish to write to her the address is


  1. The little Nazis have one of their own under the username ciggiebusters.

    That video was taken down by the photographer who posted it. An Anti backing down - I do believe that's a first!

  2. First of many Leg Iron, first of many.

    FE - I've fixed the link and fired off a couple of emails to the rags that reported it, too. I would love to know what they think of the reaction and get them to print it.

  3. If they have any gumption they'd follow this up. It could really boost their sales.

  4. But would they want to accept money from smokers? I mean dont they fund terrorists or something?

    (By the way, your word verification is "login". Thats best one yet. Just saying)

  5. Kent appears to be in the vanguard of anti-smoking in our once-fair isle. The California of England, one might say.

    I propose that it be officially referred to as Kunt, starting now.

    Are you a Man of Kunt or a Kuntish Man? Yup, that works.

  6. P.S. She originates from Italy. Credere, obbedire, combattere! as many of her countrymen used to say, about 70 years ago.


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