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Friday, 17 September 2010

He’s really scared.

That his funding will dry up.



A killer earthquake could hit London at any time, claiming untold numbers of lives and causing billions of pounds worth of damage, an expert warned.

I know it’s the silly season for news at the moment but this is just scaremongering newsgathering at it’s worst.

The last one was in 1580 and was a real killer. Wasn’t it?

Centred on the Dover Straits, the magnitude 5.5 tremor shook the south-east of England, damaging property and killing two people in London. (My embolden).

Run for the shelters. Run I say. We’re all doomed.


  1. Can it happen whilst the Pope is here?

    Just kidding, but sort of not really.

  2. FE,

    If they don't keep us scared silly, we may just notice other stuff. Stuff they don't want us to pick up on.

    Frightened people pay their taxes more willingly than a relaxed population.

    Terror pays.


  3. I'm normally inclined to agree with the Captain but some things are just too fucking silly to take seriously. On the other hand to gen Xers who thought being on Big Brother was something to aspire to it might sound plausible.

  4. Apparently the word 'overdue' was never uttered in this context. As for a 5.5 being 'deadly' - only if your house is about to fall down anyway.

    Utter carp.


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