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Monday, 20 September 2010

Ciggy Busters. The follow up.


I missed this article on Friday in ThisisKent.

Angry bloggers and pro-choice campaigners have been setting the internet alight with their disbelief at Ciggy Busters, an anti-smoking film created by pupils at The Hundred of Hoo School.

I admit to being one of those Bloggers that found this stunt offensive and ill conceived. As I’ve said before. If I and like minded people went around pulling Burkhas off Muslims I would expect to be pilloried for it. And more than likely arrested.

And from another Blogger.

Blogger John Buck wrote in a letter to The News: "Smokers have reacted so strongly to these events as they are tired of being treated as third-rate citizens.

"Smoking is still a legal activity, taken by personal choice yet smokers are bombarded daily by the righteous who want to impose more and more restrictions.

"People I have discussed this issue with have compared the actions of these children to that of the Hitler Youth and I do not disagree."


Phil Johnson, chairman of Freedom to Choose, the largest pro-choice organisation in the country, described the project as "highly irresponsible".

He said: "The whole thing was a totally, utterly, ridiculous stunt aimed at a minority faction of 25 per cent and it is sending out the wrong message to kids.

"It is the victimisation of a minority group. Whether we want to smoke or not is a freedom of choice."

And he ends with this.

"The disgusting thing about it is A Better Medway have been part funding the thing. What did they want to fund – civil unrest?"

I would hope that all those who took part. the school, Margherita Gramegna, the Police, and Better Medway all have a long think before they try another stunt like that one.

Oh and I haven’t forgotten you Rachael Noxon. Just because you have locked your webpage away. I’ll still remember your name.


  1. Noxon - obnoxious - obnoxious Noxon - yes - it is an easy one to remember - about as easy as Hitler, Goerrings, Himler etc...

  2. Well spotted, TFE. At least the paper gave a decent shout for those who opposed this ... though they took their time.

    Interesting part about Gramegna 'making a statement' when she's spoken to the kids. Best not hold our breath, I reckon - or bother anticipating replies to the e-mails she was sent. ;)

  3. I bloody missed it. I've been waiting ages for that to appear.

    I should have remembered, when emailing that reporter, that my real name appears on my emails. Doh!

    Good result though

  4. Pat, I shall be watching her.

    DP. I doubt whether we shall see a statement from Gramegna.

    Bucko. At least they are still in the lime light and will be loathe to try a similar stunt.

  5. Thanks for this blog Filthy Engineer.

    I hope you don't mind but I have put it on my Facebook page.

    One question remains unanswered however - WHO FUNDED THEM?

  6. Well spotted TFE, and I think they will be very reluctant to try something similar again.

    Interesting that they confirm they approached members of the public, permission or not, that went outside the remit of the Police permission to carry out the project.


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