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Friday, 16 April 2010

There is some justice then.

After reading about Tilern DeBique in the media and her ludicrous claim for over £1 million in compensation I must congratulate the Tribunal for their common sense.

A single mother soldier who won a claim of race and sex discrimination against the Ministry of Defence was awarded £17,016 by an employment tribunal today.

Tilern DeBique, 28, who was reported to have been seeking £1 million in a row over childcare, had argued that she was expected to be available for duty “24/7, 365 days a year”.

The payout was £17,016. about 6 months of her annual army pay.

It (The panel) found that Miss DeBique was “unreasonable” to reject the “unique” offer of a five-year posting to the Army's Blandford garrison in Dorset that had childcare facilities.

Can we have some more commonsense from tribunals in the future?

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