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Friday, 16 April 2010

Stop press. Heath scare alert. Panic

Remember swine flue? Now we are all going to die due to the attack of the killer volcanoes.

People with lung conditions like emphysema and asthma should stay indoors if volcanic ash starts to settle, a spokesman for the World Health Organisation said.

I wonder if they have shares in face masks ? You're more at risk in my opinion, of the fumes from public transport belching out those black clouds of unburnt diesel.

A spokesman for the Health Protection Agency (HPA) in the UK said Mr Epstein's advice was in line with its own. He said the situation was being monitored closely and could change but that regular updates were being sent out.

Why is it that every bit of news these days has to have it's own scare story. Could it be that they are trying to justify their jobs before the GREAT CULL that will happen after May 6th?


  1. A mask made out of a paper coffee filter appears to work, would you believe.

  2. nah. A used set of pantyhose over the head works for me.

  3. The same pair you use in the bank?

  4. Used pantyhose? There are web sites for people like you, you old gusset sniffer.

    Upon reflection the coffee filter paper sounds more hygienic.


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