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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Brown rallies troops for battle

Gordon Brown told Labour activists they had 22 days to persuade voters their party was "the greatest force for fairness" in Britain.

At a small campaign rally in Leeds, the Prime Minister sought to energise his party's rank-and-file as the polls showed the Tories' lead over Labour narrowing to as little as three points.

Where have I heard that sort of talk before. Oh yes. Wasn't it something like we've only got 50 months to save the planet from Anthroprogenic global warming?

I just hope that in twenty two days time the labour party and that idiot , snot gobbling, cunt,* Brown are swept from power, preferably for ever.

Specially after this quote:

He added: "Labour has been, is and will be the greatest force for fairness in our country.

It's never been fair to me and my family. We've been taxed almost to the edge of extinction and never received any of those state benefits that are heaped on the feckless. What's fair with that?

*I'm in a cross mood


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