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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

That's my money you're giving away.



Another Iniative:

A secondary school has become the first in Britain to issue every pupil with a personal laptop they can use at home.

All 1,400 students at Writhlington School have been given a Dell Netbook worth £400 which they use in lessons and take home with them.

It's bad enough that they're giving them away for free. Another is that they could have purchased the laptops considerably cheaper elsewhere. See here for example.

Of course they won't be used for logging onto Facebook or Bebo I trust.

I liked this though:

Their laptops are automatically backed-up on the school's main hard drives every time they are connected to the network.

I wonder what the IT department are going to find when they delve in to their server. Expect it to be full of Porn, viruses, and malware.




  1. Place your bets please on how long this initiative (Psst that's initiative, not iniative) lasts. I'm sure William Hill et al would be happy to open a book on this.
    I'd give the school hard drives and the backup regimen a week or two at best.

    Total collapse? End of the school year at most. Repeat next year? Only for 'discount' laptops, someone's getting a kickback.

  2. all come complete with 1.3 Mega pixel Integrated Web Camera.

    make of that what you will!!

  3. Better check the installed software with that camera then, in case the recent US issue with remote activation has given someone ideas!

  4. Julia got there before more.

    In the case she mentions, it turned out that the school had installed a utility that let them switch on the webcam remotely, and examine the view; they were using it to spy on the children, needless to say.

    Note to recipients - duct tape should do the trick.


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