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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Never be an Executer

I never realised how much was involved in being an executor for someone else's estate.

Even with a solicitor there is a vast amount of work involved. Death certificates obtained and sent to all relevant parties. Ie. Inland revenue, utilities, and banks, etc, etc.

Then, as I've posted before dealing you have to deal with the Numpties in the Utility companies that don't talk between their own internal departments. Like having to deal with dodgy debt collection agencies that have the facts wrong and refuse to discuss them. (I also wonder how honest they are?).

Then there is the reams of paperwork required for the Inland revenue in order that they can get there pound of flesh from death duties.

Then to sell the property you have to submit documents to prove that you are not an international money launderer. The estate agents are required to ask for these, even when they know you.

Then there is HIPS. You know, that stupid document that no buyer in their right mind would trust. Any sane buyer makes sure that a full survey is undertaken by a qualified surveyor. Not someone who has done a 4 week course.

Energy proficiency certificate. FFS how many of the numpties carrying this out have a qualification in thermodynamics? All they will do is a quick visual inspection. That means bugger all.

And in the end I don't even get paid for it. What's more the beneficiaries are two spendthrift relations who have all ready spunked previous legacies against the wall and expect me to work unpaid in their best interest.

Note to me: I shall not rant, I shall not rant. I shall...........


  1. Been there, done that but you have my sympathies FE. I did it for my godmother who had little but the process was the same.

    What got to me was the number of affidavits I had to have at around £25 a pop. Sounds silly to complain about that but by that time I was nearly at the end of my bit of string.

    She didn't even have a house to sell either.

  2. Ditto! Having a solicitor helps, but is yet another cost you can do without in a time of bereavement.

    Still, got to keep all those civil servants in a job, or there'd be anarchy, eh?


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