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Friday, 19 March 2010

Pumpkin Media

How many Web design companies are there at 17 Cornishway, Taunton?

And they've all got the same telephone number.

Karl Winn. You can run but you can't hide.

And your new site is still crap.

And from Google

Webeurope is a busy website design company based in Taunton, Somerset. We are fast becoming the largest web design company in the South West area, ...

How do you all fit in to the same building?


  1. Firms like this are usually involved with spamm advertising as well I have found. Why hide behind multiple facades on the web then?
    Scumbag of note methinks... keep digging!

  2. A Google search for 'designed by web europe' brings up many a fascinating snippet

  3. Chuckles, the top Google result for that seems to be me slagging them off. Marvellous. I must remember to have a proper look at the rest of them later, as well as do the same thing for easycms and pumpkin.

  4. X WEBEUROPE EMPLOYEE23 March 2010 at 18:06

    I used to unfortunately work for webeurope!


    Too good to be true for sure! I could tell many a fascinating story regarding Mr Karl Winn (aka Brick Top, Snatch) and his beloved WEBEUROPE/EASYCMS/PUMPKIN MEDIA (ran under Mark Peach), awesome stuff! I love the fact they are still using agencies under many names to get employees... In 2 days 3 seperate companies have called me regarding a position in Taunton for £30k etc, im like "PUMPKIN, or webeurope by any chance?!?!", LMAO!!!

    Well this is known as KARMA WEBEUROPE for stiffing me out of a months wage and just "letting me go" for no reason! they are lucky that i had no money because I was at the final stages of an employment tribunal but needed to fork out for the courts, and i was skint! so they got away with it.

    K A R M A its a bitch! hahahahhaha

  5. Another Former Employee:

    Karl Winn has always been a loser and always will be.

    His web design company, now "Pumpkin Media" are run by criminals and con artists, they treat employees and customers very badly and this is complete karma for this dispicable, horrible man.

    Karl Winn I laugh in your face and at your crappy companies!

  6. I went for an interview with Webeurope once. I didn't really want to apply as they advertise so regularly for staff that I'd already got the impression they were bad news. Mr Winn didn't do the interview as such but came in later on to look me over .. my hackles rose instantly, no way would I have worked for him! I could see straight away from his stance and demeanour that he would be an unpleasant bully to work for.

  7. I was also interviewed at pumpkin media. The guy interviewing did not have a clue as to the job I was being interviewed for before an old guy walked in, asked me one question and then said I was unsuitable. I am unsuitable for this company. I work hard and have standards

  8. we are on your case you shit bag


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