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Monday, 22 February 2010

Marriage should be banned.


Well as far as my offspring are concerned.

The eldest daughter was invited to be married on New years Eve. I'm now quaking in my bank balance.

The younger daughter married her primary school sweetheart two years ago. How much did it cost, you might ask? £5,000, £10,000, £15,000. No, it cost this poor old pensioner £27,000. Can't they just live in sin?

The reason I'm posting this is that I was dragged out in the pouring rain to visit one of those Wedding Fayre venues. Even the other half came away shaking her head.

That's not the worst part though. I will have to make that speech, praising the daughter (The one that I fought tooth and nail to recover her profligate credit card charges back due to her complete lack of financial prudence)(No, her name is not Gordonia), for her lovely looks and her love of her parents. (Now I'm being silly).

Oh well, I shall just have to bite the bullet, pay up, and think, yehheh I've got shot of them to the poor bastards who have taken them on.

Paul & Hew, You have my commiserations.


  1. You should have offered to pay for the registry office license and a meal for 10 FE. That's what my father did many years ago and it worked. Then we threw a party for those who hadn't attended which was so much cheaper than today's weddings seem to be.

    No comment about my Dad being a Scot either please. :) He gave me a cheque for £2000 to buy necessities for my home. My first washing machine and fridge came out of that and the balance lasted me for years. (£2000 was a lot 34 years ago).

    The photos weren't bad either considering they were taken by a guest!

  2. £27k for a wedding? (I'm still scratching my head)?

    Your money do what you like but "fucking idiot" springs to mind.

    £27k on one day?

    Sums up the madness of Gorgonn's Britain and quite right it has to end.


  3. Are these two old enough to marry? If so then they are old enough to pay for it too. My wedding cost us - and I mean us - about £15k in 2001, a third of that was for the honeymoon. Everything was our choice, so we paid for it. Your contribution should be a wedding present.


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