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Monday, 22 February 2010




Today I went over to my deceased Uncle's apartment to supervise the clearance of his furniture. The usual mail was on the table. However although most was junk, one got my blood boiling.

This was a letter stating that, as he hadn't filled an occupancy details form, the water would be cut off.

The fact that he died in October last year and that no such form has been found was bad enough. The very fact that I had sent them a letter stating that he had died and enclosing a copy of the death certificate just doesn't seem to work with those clowns

Lets face it. I know they received the letter as they, in due course, sent the death certificate back.

I've just E mailed their letter and a scan of the death certificate and covering letter that went with it to their Chief Executive.

Do you think I'll get a meaningful reply?

Oh and bye the way. My E mail wasn't too rude. I don't want to be accused as a bully. (Even though I do have a Nokia)

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