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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Weather Forecast adjustment engineer

Last week, due to the inclement weather, I kept the Met office forecast page, tabbed in my Browser.

When I first looked at 0800 the five day forecast showed no snow for the next three days. However, when I looked 2 hours later, at 1000, the forecast was for heavy snow for those next days.

Could it be that the "Pinecone Adjustment Engineer" had finally managed to make it in through the snow drifts?

Oh and I found this site on AGW which is of interest.


  1. Like everything in our lives, The Met Office has become an arm of Government spin. Billions poured in to crap computers to tell us AGW science is settled.Trust me, The Met office was never very good now they are crap.

  2. I always check with an independant forecaster, as I wouldn't trust them with an inch of snow.

  3. As an Engineer you should be aware of and it's effects on the signal to noise ratio of recursive simulations like those used by the AGW priesthood.


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