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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Next scare story please.

Now that the AGW story may meet it's demise, what else?

Lets see.

Aids. That'll kill Billions. Sorry it didn't. So that's out then.

Mad cow disease. Another failure.

Salmonella in eggs. Nope.

DDT will kill thousands. The banning of this chemical has killed millions.

Swine flue. We're trying to sell our vast reserves of the vaccine.

Speed cameras save lives. No significant decrease in road deaths attributable to the cameras. In fact in one town that has recently removed the cameras the death rate has decreased.

Passive smoking kills. Not one person in the world has ever had that on their death certificate. (Source is WHO).

Alcohol is killing us all. Numerous studies have intimated that a reasonable amount of alcahol is good for you. (Fuck you, Don Shenker of "Alcohol concern").

Salt. We die with out it.

BSC and CJD. We're all doomed. Sorry we just butchered most of our beef stock for no reason.

GM crops. Haven't seen any two headed babies yet.

These scare are just the tip of the iceberg that have kept the UK in fear over the last twenty years. Please add your own to this list.


  1. I agree with your list except for the GM foods. The swine flu vaccine scare was used by big pharma to push vaccines, done any research on the danger of Vaccines lately?(that is grass roots research not funded by big pharma) Climate change is big governments scare tactics to tax and control us more(i'm sure you've done some research on the climate hoax) and global food shortages is big Agribusiness's prefered tool for foisting GM on us. You see GM food is patented, their aim is to control all our food. Done any research on GM or Monsanto or Tyson recently?
    The same type of people that exposed the lies about vaccines and the lies about climate change are exposing Big agribiz's false claims for the safety of GM food try googling "GM Food" and "Danger" or alternatively get yourself over to 'Films for' and get educated, you'll thank me when you find out the truth!

  2. Human beings love disaster, it makes them feel alive, if not dead.

    Just watch the Discovery channel et all and see the number of programmes on the various types of apocalypse awaiting mankind.

    All bollocks of course.

  3. @Swiss Bob.

    I love the one where the huge sodding meteorite plunges into the earth. Pity the tidal wave graphics are shit though.


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